Post Portland - Day who knows

What the hell are we riding back again???? 

Holy crap...3 of us are riding back. We're still together somehow even after saying our good-byes 3 times. Yesterday Dic took off headed for Salt Lake City and Feat and Pearl followed a couple hours later headed for Bozeman. Well we made it about 60 miles on 84E and we saw a broken down bike on the side of the road and stopped to help. Low and behold Mr. Awkward had run out of gas. So we rolled together the rest of the day. Pearl had mucho problems with his bike so we worked on it alot. We made it to Irrigon, OR where Pearl ran his engine out of oil and almost blew it we stayed the night there.  Today, Dic left early headed East on 84. He went through a snow storm on the way to Le Grande. Pearl and I headed East on 12 up to Washington and it rained and was in the 40's the whole way. We made it 100 miles and basically got told to turn around because of all the snow. Freak storms this late in the year. So....we turned around and headed down the 84 and tried to catch Dic. Down in Pendleton, OR we were told the pass to Le Grande was snowy and nasty but we almost did it anyway. A super cool local guy with a pick-up let us throw the bikes in the back of his pickup and get in with him and he took us to Le Grande.


Chariots in a chariot 



 Dic has been befriended by a super awesome couple Chad and Tasha (and Erika is here too) who've let us all hang out at their house. I think we're going Karaoke'ing tonight! Woohoooo!

Dic, Erika, Tasha and Chad...rule