Sweet mother of all things holy....we made it! 

We rolled/crawled/pushed/trailored into Portland Thursday night after a hellish last day.. Mt. Hood basically killed us all.

CT's bike broke the timing chain and shredded the engine about 70 miles east of Portland almost to the top of the pass on 26 on Mt Hood. Dic's bike ran like such crap that he and CT ditched their bikes in the woods and hitched to the next town where Feat was broken down with power issues. All of this is occurring in 35 degree rain by the way....not pleasant. So eventually, all of us were together at the Mt Hood Inn calling the Portland boys for help with trailors for CT's/Dic's/Feat's bikes and the other 4 limped in on various #'s of cyclinders/missing shifters/wet carbs/bad electrics...etc....etc...etc...Many thanks to Tom who sent the word out for us and to Bret who came and got us!!!! You guys rule.

The boys from the http://www.sang-froidridingclub.com/ welcomed us with open arms that night at the Sandy Hut. Needless to say we all got DRUNK in about 2 minutes. 

Beaulahland threw us a party Friday night where we all got DRUNK again.

Pistol and CT flew back to Knoxville today and DR leaves tomorrow. Dic is undecided as to how he'll return. Pearl and Feat have decided to go for it and pull the throttle and ride these chariots BACK TO KNOXVILLE.....so stay tuned...the 555 continues and we'll keep updating the site!


The last pic of the crew all together. Taken at Beaulahland in Portland on Friday night.


 The bikes outside Beaulahland

Pistol kickin it outside Face's apt. 

Pearl rockin Pistol's helmet 


Somewhere in Oregon 




 Feat trying to fix the chariot







 Check it out!!!