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 Party Pics


 Face's engine is out and split with 12 days to go! Feat and Pearl split the case and replaced the kick-start gear/mechanism. It would not fully disengage.....thus causing the gears to constantly grind when the engine was running...not a good thing if something would have broken off and destroyed the transmission.

We need all the help we can get 



Chocolate and the Twister twisting a wrench on the bike



 Java gals / Gals of the Five Five Five

Watch out for these gals on the mean streets of Knoxville.... 





 Naughty Time....Excellent



So 2 weekends ago, Pearl Ivy and Feat drove to western PA to pick up Face's new 1972 Honda CB 360. Here are some pics from the trip. 

 Punxsutawney Phil is my hero!

He's a giver...

Sneaky Pistol's bike in 6 weeks after smoking around the flames of awesomeness (probably will happen somewhere around Accident!)


Feat cheezing it up next to Face's new bike.



 Sneaky Pistol experienced some electrical issues that DR slyly mocked.


Wittle Sneaky twying to weed da big book. 


 Lying bastards (failed ignition that resulted in the breakdown below)

Lying, lying bastards


Chocolate Thunder greeting 







Sneaky Pistol stealing back his fender. There's alot of thievery that takes place in the garage. 






 Definitely less than 500cc


Chitty-chitty bang-bang's past and current owners (Butch & DR)





We're losing her Capt!!! 20cc's stat!


Squirrel nest in Double Ringer's bike



Fouled Plugs....NGK sponsor anyone? 


We can make anything work with propane and a BIG wrench 


The piece to the left came out of Pearl Ivy's crankcase...yeah, that's broken metal...  



Face's dream machine in the Starsky and Hutch truck 



Double Ringer cleaning the carbs on the ole' Butch special (why the stick on the seat....hmmm...)


Drinking Busch and not reading the manual...what a poser.


'Back in my day sonny, we didn't have no fancy tools that ran on lectricity' 


Chocolate Thunder's bike


Sneaky Pete's bike to the left...Pearl's to the right

Sneaky Pete loves sticking his fingers into wheels...really loves a weird way.



That is a big wrench


Nice nipple/tail light

Touch these flames and you'll die from awesomeness

Feat's bike left and Pearl's to the right. This was taken during the maiden voyage of Feat's bike (Phily/Joe Special is her name) to Old City Java.

Double Ringer's new 450

Wrench party