The 2008 555 

The ultimate dumbass endurance event of 2008! 

We're going to try to update the site every couple of days with pics and the commentary you've become accustomed to on this site (actually just Feat is since he's the one with the laptop). I also added Twitter updates to the site so I can put quick little updates to the site from my cellphone. These will just be tiny blurbs from the side of the road when getting out my laptop is just too darn hard. Hopefully you'll find them interesting.

Day 1 - May 16, 2008 - updated from Day1

Days 2-4 - May 17-19 2008 - updated from Day4/5

Day 5

Days 6-7-8

Day 9

Days 10 to 12

Days 13 and 14

Day 15

Days 16 - 19 


Post Portland - Day who knows 

Day 28 

Day 29 - Laramie 

Day 32 - Kansas City 


Random Facts/Stats

Random pics


We made the Portland Mercury!!

Check out the article about us in

Check out these videos we've taken...

Welcome to the 555. The rules are simple:

  1. 1975 or older motorcycle
  2. can only spend $500 TOTAL on purchase and restoration of bike
  3. 500cc or less engine size
  4. Every man for himself (This was tossed out the window and it became 'No Man Left Behind')
  5. No Interstates
  6. Portland, Oregon bound

The FiveFiveFive was at Deka Bakari Gallery in Knoxville for First Friday on April 4. It was a big hit! Check out the pics from the show.! Deka Bakari Gallery

A quote from Sneaky Pistol's friend from PA...

“It’s always nice to know that you are entrusting your life to a royal piece of shit, right? There is something that they have up here that we don’t have in TN, and that’s an annual safety inspection sticker to go along with the emissions sticker (welcome to the over-regulated, over-litigated NorthEast). The safety sticker is a way of them making sure that a bunch of idiots don’t buy a bunch of unreliable motorcycles and ride them all over the country…”

Check back to see the 555 take shape.

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