Day 7 and 8

All of the days are running together now! 

Day 6 began in Branson MO and on the way out of town Feat's left carb was just pouring fuel out of the overflow tube.
After 2 stops and 2 float adjustments, all was well. We made it all the way to near the OK border when Pearl's bike had electrical charging issues. We fixed some bare wires in the headlight basket and charged the battery and headed West.
Dic's Aunt and Uncle live in Tulsa, so DR and Pisol went with him and the rest of us stayed in Nowata for the night.

Day7 - we were all gonna meet up at Kaw lake in the morning. On the way there, Chocolate Thunder broke down. After pulling the left
sparkplug and seeing metal all over the thing....we knew we had a major problem....thus the twitter update beggin for a new motor.  Luckily, Pearl and I rode to a oil rigging/drilling place where a VERY nice guy named Mark who owns the place  said we could work on the bike at his place and pointed us in the direction of Pam Carter at the DMV. Pam made some calls to Shorty who called Leon who called Pearl....and wouldn't you know it...he had a 1969 450 engine in his shed and would bring us a piston from it!!!!!!! We must be livin right! 

So we've taken the whole engine out and replaced the piston and the engine is back together. Pics are slow to post here, but I'll try to put a few up here of the whole ordeal. I guess we'll stay here tonight and hit the road tomorrow. We're in  Pawhuska, OK. By the way, a newspaper reporter showed up from the local rag to get our story and hopefully it will hit the presses tomorrow. Pick one up if you're near! we stayed at a congressman for the Osage Indian nation's yard last night. He's been really really helpful and even found us a place inside to work on CT's engine. We're still here in Pawhuska, OK finishing the rebuild. Apparently we need more parts, so we're trying to get those as quick as we can.



 Pistol rockin' the highway pegs...lookat those flames of awesomeness go!


Dic's Uncle/Pistol/Dic/Double Ringer praying for good luck at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa. Nice work guys.


One of these things is not like the other one... 


Pistol's bike gets PLASTERED with stickers from the rest of us... 


Dic looks very important...Pistol looks like...well...Pistol.


Watch out ladies....Face is on it! 


I guess you can figure out who this is... 


CT's engine coming out of the bike. 



Dic and Chocolate beginning to dismantle  CT's engine 


Notice the bedroll still that's thinking positively.