Days 2-4 - May 17-19 2008

OK. Sorry for the lack of updates...but it's TOUGH from the road. Twitter will be the most up to date I can get updates to you.


Quick overview...

Day2 started with putting together Jess's engine and re-installing it. All good by noon! Dic Awkward then had points problems for a couple of hours. So we finally left out around 3pm. We rode with Johnny from Monterey for 76 miles and then said good-bye to us when Cody started having electrical charging issues. We made it to Gallatin and camped out in the bartender's Mom's backyard....awesome.


Day 3 was a good day. We left gallatin and headed for Paris where we hung out with Will's grandparents.  They took us to the Eiffel Tower for photos.


We then headed into Kentucky and made it to the ferry only to find that it was CLOSED. So we headed North and made it to Bardwell, KY and Mike had some carb problems so we stopped and worked on them at Hucks Gas station and then camped in someone's yard very close. 

Day 4 has started well and we're in Mathews, MO. Westward ho to 160.


Crossing the Mississippi River !!!!!!

Well Day 4 was mostly spent in Qulin, MO where Cody worked on all sorts of problems with his bike. the good news is.....we think we finally have them all sorted least that's what we're hoping! We worked on the bike at the city park there in Qulin and many of the townspeople came by to say hello. All very nice folks. We even got the local gossip. I'll just say that the 1 police officer (who was a nice guy and very interested in our bikes)  supposedly knocked a gal up his first week in town and had to stay. He may or may not have tried to sleep with the Mayor's wife as well, so he and mayor aren't the best of friends. Earl (a guy who lent us his battery charger) was the one dishing the dirt. Good stuff!


Dic tagging a bathroom 


From left to right...CT, Feat, Pistol and Face. Dic took the pic. 


 DR and Peal using their rain fly as a sail for their longboards.



So we finally got on the road at around 8pm and ate dinner in Poplar Bluff then headed west to 160. 160 is an amazing road...super fun to ride. We made it to Briar at around 10pm maybe and headed north on C (that's the road # I swear) and found a four-wheeler trail and took it into the woods a bit and camped. A great place...even though it was full of ticks and we've all picked of 4 or 5 already this morning (Day 5 morning). In Alton, MO now and on our way west on 160 again. Gonna try very hard to find a lake to bathe in since we couldn't do it yesterday due to the breakdowns. None of us have showered since we left on Friday morning.....the folks in these towns have to smell us coming from MILES away!