Days 16 - 19

Day 16

Day 17 - Left Springville, UT and headed through Tooele and up to 80. We had to take the Interstate out to the flats since there are no other roads out there. 80mph winds battered us as we headed down the last 60 mile stretch to the raceway. Weirdest, most surreal experience after getting off the bikes after experiencing that kind of wind on these old bikes....We were all just in a daze that took about 20 minutes to wear off. Off to a casino that night to await the Salt Flats in the morning.

Day 18 - We rode out to Bonneville Salt Flats in the morning after doing tons of maintenance to the bikes (timing, valve adjustments, etc...) Amazing place that we could actually take all of the bikes on.

After some racing, we headed west into Nevada. Nice ride to Wells then up 93 north into Idaho.

Lots of us had issues this day and we ended up staying in Haggerman, ID.

These two hooked us up with a campsite at a hot springs in Haggerman. Thanks!

Day 19 - Coldest/Wettest day ever. Pretty much all of us had problems at some point today. We got split up at some point and Pistol, Feat, Face and DR ended up ahead of CT, Pearl and Dic. The 1st group made it from Haggerman ID to John Day, OR. One beautiful ride that made you pay for the views. SO COLD. Pearl and the other two stayed back working on all their bikes. Hopefully, they'll meet up with the front group today and we can all roll to Portland today or tomorrow.

Feat and Face in Unity, OR

Feat, Face, Pistol and DR's machines in John Day, OR