Days 13 and 14


 Day 12 started on the border of CO and we made it all the way to Trinidad before we bogged down a bit. DR bought a new chain and rear tire from a local moto shop while the other cruised around buying cold weather gear. We only made it just outside of Trinidad and decided to camp at Trinidad State Park because it was getting dark and CT's bike was fouling tons of spark plugs.

Day 13 - An early start the next day led us up 12 West and up to Cuchara Pass! We all made it, although Pistol fouled about 4 plugs
and Face fouled 1. We made it Great Sand Dune National Park next where we met up with our buddy Mike Collins (who had been there a week waiting on us to get there)! Awesome place! A great time was had climbing and surfing the dunes and then Collins and Face cooked us a nice meal next to a campfire.

Day 14 - left the dunes today and currently in Del Norte with Pearl's buddy Tank (a guest rider). He's going to ride with us at least to Pagosa Springs and probably on into Utah.


Pearl surfing down a dune 



The Crew 



From left to Right...Feat, Collins, Face, DR, Pistol, CT, and Dic


Collins and DR 




Dic riding 


Dic taking pics of DR taking pics 


Pistol looking sexy