Days 10 to 12


Trying to remember what happened last....I guess we left Pawhuska, OK and headed in the grasslands on a gravel road. A little out of the way, but well worth it. Oh yeah, let me just say that Ray Red Corn (who is the congressman for the Osage Nation that I've referred to before) and his wife Louise are amazing folks. They completely took us in, fed us, vouched for and kept us out of jail. Many, many thanks Ray and Louise (and Jerry and Leon and many other great Pawhuska folks). 

The gang with Ray 

So we made it a few miles down the road, but had many minor breakdowns along the way. The biggest was Feat's rear tire going down right when a HUGE storm was approaching. Talk about a NASCAR quick tire change. That's probably why the patch didn't take and I had to take it off again. Anyway, David @ the welders shop let us hole up there for the night.

 Check out those clouds barreling down on us..


An early start the next day (5am people...DR likes to wake up early and a few of us don't...but that's another story). Got us way down the road. I think we did around 250 miles. Along the way, Dic lost a kick start, a sparkplug cap and a clutch lever. Sitting in Hooker, OK, the local cop came up and talked with us and made one phone call and Dic had ALL 3 parts DELIVERED to him. Amazing luck again.  It was about 95 degrees all day, so we stopped underneath an underpass at some point and took a couple hours to give the bikes and ourselves a break.  



Feat, Dic and DR in some sort of cow felt amazing in the 95 degree heat (Pearl was in it too, but he took the pic).

 We then made it to Colorado last night after nightfall. Woke up this morning and it's FREEZING. Rode 20 miles and every phalangy was frozen. Heading to Sand Dunes National Park today.