Day 9

This is a good one...     

So I have to quickly update you guys on an awesome twist. Ole' Double Ringer and Dic Awkward have been questioned by the local police....TWICE!

It started yesterday when they walked to the local feed store to buy some bailing wire so Dic could mount a cow skull to his front fender. While there, they talked and casually asked about some interesting things in the store...including an old safe.  While walking back, a local cop asked to talk to them because there were reports of a fight in the parking lot they were walking through. The cop took their ID's and ran them through the system and then let them go after no warrants were found for them. 

We all went to the lake with Ray (the congressman) and had a nice night of camping by the lake, although it rained like a sumbitch for about 3 hours and we got WET. Anyway, we finally got all the bikes started (minus CT's of course) and headed back to Ray's for breakfast. While there at Ray's, the same local cop pulls up and wants to question DR and Dic. AWESOME. So the cop asks where they were from 11:30pm to 6am in the morning thye tell him we were at the lake. He then asks if their prints are 'on file'. A tense moment ensues. Ray jumped in and vouched for our whereabouts and gave him the names of some other locals who were at the lake with us.

Turns out someone broke into that feed store and tried to break into the same safe DR and Dic had inquired about! We think it was an inside job and someone is trying to frame them.

The cop got all of their info and then said he may be 'in touch'. So stayed tuned......we may have a couple of jailbirds on our hands soon. Bail money anyone???????

Initial meeting yesterday 5-23 of local cop and Dic and DR (this is right behind where we are working on CT's engine)

Dic and cop this morning 5-24 at Ray's house.

DR enjoying the interrogation...

So we just got CT's bike running again! Praise Ja!

List of things wrong with the bike:

1) Hole in Piston!

2) Cam lobes and followers worn down/destroyed due to bad adjustment on rocker arms 39 yrs ago...this caused valve seating issues and ultimately issue #1

3) Ignition advance springs shot

4) etc....his sh*t was f**ked