Day 5

May 20, 2008 

I think I left off with us in Alton, MO. We went to leave after breakfast (during which Sneaky Pistol took off both carbs and cleaned them out) and Pistol's bike won't start. Well....everybody off the bikes and mull around town for awhile. That's when I updated the site yesterday. Anyway, that town was actually kinda nice. Old time city square with City Hall in the middle around which are restaurants and a General store and auto parts store (which we used alot).

So anyway, long story short, Pistol worked on hist electrical quite a bit. After an hour or so, Choc Thunder, Double R, and Dic went ahead to find a river to chill out iBrn and bathe. Face was also having some battery problems (only because he is running CT's old dead battery that got dead before we fixed his charging system), so he went to Brad's cycle shop in Alton where Brad let him borrow a battery charger. Pearl and Feat helped the Pistol to determine that his ignition switch had gone completely out. No juice was passing through it, thus the no starting of his bike. So Feat basically hot wired Pistol's bike to start now. Pistol has a wire that he has to plug in and out to turn his bike on and off....pretty custom stuff here people!

So...we packed up and picked up Face and headed down the road 70 miles to find the other guys. Along the way Pistol fouled about 2 plugs before Pearl figured out his choke linkage wasn't connected, causing the right carb's choke to be on all the time. So we fixed that and away we went to the best place imaginable....the White River! Made props to the gas station lady who told the guys about this spot. Too nice.
After lots of cleaning in the river, we made tracks west. This stretch of 160 was amazing. Just so darn fun with all the twists and turns. A huge shout out to the guys at Cycle Stop for sponsoring us and enabling us to have good tires. You're the reason we all made it through the turns upright!  We made it to Branson and hung out a Karaoke bar where Pistol and Feat entertained the masses. West again for Day6.

Alton, MO

Pistol broke his belt while working on his electrics...not a pretty site...or smell (this was pre-river)....sorry..I just wanted you to feel like you were there with us!

Double Ringer and Dic lookin dirty.

Face/ Uncle Jessie in Alton

Dic Awkward coming back from the Auto parts store with some electrical connectors for Pistol

Check out the spot we found!

Mr. Awkward tagging the bridge support with our sticker

One of the BEST pics of Chocolate Thunder EVER...that's joy that you see there...

First creek crossing of the trip....We're right behind you Chocolate!

From front to back...Feat, DR, Pistol, CT, Pearl, Face...Dic taking the photo

Welcome to Oklahoma! We need to figure out the timer a little better.