Day 32 - Kansas City

From Encampment, WY to Kansas City, MO 


Encampment, WY was crazy. The Woodchoppers festival was held this Saturday and we went to Encampment to attend with the gals from the Wyoming basketball team. We stayed with Alesia's parents on their 1,000 acre ranch about 10 miles outside of town on dirt roads. Good times indeed.

The next day we road with an excruciating hangover to Jimmy 20/20's place north of Denver. Awesome scenery. 

Yesterday, we rode from Jimmy's to Wakeeney, KS...over 400 miles. Nothing exciting...just many, many miles.

Today we rolled to KC and are about to go out and see what it has to offer.

Pearl in Laramie

TJ/Feat sporting the 555 shirt given to us as a surprise from Aaron (Pearl/CT/Face's older brother)

On the way to Encampment

Yes...that's alot of snow on the way to Encampment

In the Snowy Range on the way to Encampment





Pearl with Archie (fiddle player in a  bluegrass band in Encampment)

Pearl with Eric who's a former UW football player who's sporting the WORLD's best mullet!

Feat leaving the ranch and having to dodge the cows...

Feat, Jimmy 20/20, and Pearl

Pearl and Feat's reflections off of Feat's horn (at one of the thousand gas stations we've visited)

Feat after 300 miles of the Harley shop....