Day 29 - Laramie

Laramie, WY 

So we pulled over 300 miles from Evanston to Laramie, WY. We stopped here because it was getting dark and cold. Found a really cheap hotel room and hit the town to see what it had to offer on a Friday night. The University of Wyoming is here, so it had plenty going on. We ended up at a bar where a very nice girl walked right up to us and offered us a beer. Well we're not two guys to be rude, so we accepted her offer. Alysha is a former UW basketball player and all of her friends are current players. So we all bar hopped all night and Alysha invited us to her hometown of Encampment, WY for a local lumberjack festival. So, instead of heading east today...we're headed 80 miles west to Encampment. Pics of tonight's festivities to follow...


We've dubbed this guy 'TJ'

Elizabeth (UW basketball player) and Pearl on the town