Day 28

Somewhere in Utah... 

Day 27....Dic decided to stay in La Grande with Chad and Tasha til Friday, when he's flying out of Boise. Hopefully, Chad will ride Dic's bike back to Knoxville....Come on Chad....DO IT! Feat and Pearl left La Grande around 3pm and just cranked out the miles and made it to Haggerman ID at 11pm exactly....just in time to catch a quick soak in the hot springs! 

Day 28.....we left Haggerman and have made it to Utah!!! Woohooo! Now in Trementon, UT and gonna try to make Wyoming if we can. Wish us luck and enjoy the pics.

Feat, Pearl, Dic, and the Queen of La Grande's Longbranch Saloon

Wrench party at Chad's place in La Grande

Pearl's ignition switch went out 2 days ago in all of that nasty rain/snow. Here is his new key.

Feat's chariot at the hot springs in Haggerman

Pearl's chariot in Utah today

Pearl considering changing chariots

Hellllooooo Ladies....