Day 1 - May 16th, 2008

Here we go..... 

The plan is to meet at the Time Warp Tea Room at 9am and try to roll out by 10am. We'll see where we make it....Pray to Ja for no breakdowns! 

 Check out some pics from our launch at:


So we made it Monterey, TN!!! Wooohoooo!

 We had about 3 breakdowns along the way, but we are here.  Choc Thunder was having trouble while waiting at the Time Warp, but thanks to lots of folks (Jorge del Matador leading the way) they got the carb problems worked out.  

As we pulled out at 10:50am, Pistol's bike started popping we went back to the sidewalk while he got his problems fixed. 

We then made it 1 mile to Western Ave before a couple of guys in the bike went the wrong way and we had to wait on them for about 15 minutes for them to find us.

After that though....look out. we made it 53 miles. That's right folks...53 big ones. We made it through Oak Ridge with no probs and on to Wartburg. Just about 5 miles back I noticed we had lost about 5 riders so the remaining 5 pulled over at a gas station. The left-behind 5 made it to the gas station 30 mins later with a transmission problem (he only had 1st gear...nothing else) for Face (That was my last Twitter update). We ended up popping off the right cover and pulling the clutch...only to discover a bearing on the counter-shaft rattling out and binding the shift selector where it wouldn't go up...thus the now 2nd-6th gears. We determined a dowel was missing (broken or never there) but had no way to fix it there cause we need to split the case (again) to put one in. We figured if we hammered the bearing back in place, Face would be good for around 100 miles or we did just that...and worked. 


We then made it to Monterey and Pearl remembered a guy Pistol bought his older BMW from lived in Monterey. One call later and Johnny Walker agreed to take us in. One AWESOME guy to take us all in. He let us use his barn as a workshop and also brought us food and made us a fire! Johnny Walker for Man of the Year!


So.......we are at Johnny Walker's farm in Monterey, TN with Face's engine off the bike and in pieces. Hopefully we'll get it fixed tonight! Wish us luck. I'll post pics soon.